Engineer Fitted Spare Parts

View spare parts diagrams here.

Installation must be carried out by a suitably qualified person.

Please note: These parts can only be supplied against a valid unit serial number as there are variants. Please enter this into the “order notes” box at checkout.

Part DescriptionPrice EachShop
10068Reset Switch11.21Buy Now
20013Shaft Key0.74Buy Now
20015Bottom Cutter Gasket5.84Buy Now
20016Top Cutter Ring Gasket7.56Buy Now
20017Deluxe Cutter Ring76.14Buy Now
20030Inlet Gasket4.24Buy Now
20045Plug Gasket3.29Buy Now
20414Impellor Washer0.17Buy Now
20612Deluxe Rotor69.51Buy Now
20633Drain Chamber to March 2009 Check serial number21.7Buy Now
20637Drain Chamber from March 2009 Check Serial Number25.90Buy Now
20634Adaptor Ring6.98Buy Now
20635Motor Cover16.05Buy Now
20642Capacitor21.36Buy Now
20648Rubber Flinger1.42Buy Now
20649B/F Motor137.31Buy Now
20660Outlet Bend Assy6.43Buy Now
20672Water Seal17.84Buy Now
20673Water Seal Washer1.03Buy Now
20685Hopper Conversion Kit58.87Buy Now
20704Batch Feed Sink Bush Assembly44.76Buy Now
20705Continuous Feed Sink Bush Assembly44.76Buy Now
20717Lower Inlet Seal6.73Buy Now
20718Clamp Plate9.93Buy Now
20719Suspension Plate9.52Buy Now
20720Hopper Seal6.1Buy Now
20721Hopper 28.35Buy Now
20724Circlip3.23Buy Now
20730B/F Sink Bush10.85Buy Now
20733Control Box Base1.86Buy Now
20734Control Box Cover With Silver Writing3.24Buy Now
20734gControl Box Cover with Gold Writing3.24Buy Now
20737Rev Switch B/F9.26Buy Now
20744Hopper Clip0.54Buy Now
20747Rotor Plug2.57Buy Now
20783Body Label3.87Buy Now
20788Brass Earth Stud0.92Buy Now
20793Mains Cable4.41Buy Now
20794Wiring Loom9.08Buy Now
20795Relay23.93Buy Now
20796Proximity Switch16.77Buy Now
90032Grub Screw0.55Buy Now
90045M5 x 16 HEX HD Bolt0.22Buy Now
90046N8 Pozi0.11Buy Now
90055M4 x 20 Hex HD 0.22Buy Now
90056M4 x 20 Poz CSK0.22Buy Now
902022BA Nut0.11Buy Now
90212Nut0.33Buy Now
90216M5 Hex Full Nut0.17Buy Now
90217Nyloc Nut0.55Buy Now
90225M4 Hex Full Nuts0.11Buy Now
90278Hex Head Screw0.11Buy Now
904412BA Brass Washer0.27Buy Now
90412Washer0.17Buy Now
90413Plain Washer0.12Buy Now
90427Shakeproof Washers0.13Buy Now
90729Washer0.16Buy Now
90731stbHopper Screw0.56Buy Now
900226SQ Pressed Nut0.11Buy Now
20758Shredder Ring Assy20.62Buy Now
20752Nut Cap0.33Buy Now
20723s/steelStaineless steel Impellor Assy15.6Buy Now
207853000 Body label3.87Buy Now
20664C/F Motor133.56Buy Now
10044Rubber Grommet0.72Buy Now
20729Reverse Switch9.26Buy Now
90054No.8 x 1/2 S/Tapper0.11Buy Now
90410 2BA X 1/2" O/D X 17G0.17Buy Now
20736/bReverse Switch Housing Black1.55Buy Now
20741Wiring Loom C/Feed3.97Buy Now
90224"J"Nut0.23Buy Now
207844000c Body Label3.87Buy Now
20731Continuous feed sink bush10.52Buy Now
207862000 Body label3.87Buy Now