For almost 50 years Max Appliances have manufactured domestic and commercial food waste disposal units.

Over the years the products have been marketed under several names starting with Bestobell Home Appliances, Econa Parkamatic, Econa Appliances, NT Appliances and now Max Appliances.

Kitchen bins have always been an unpleasant part of any kitchen; leaking bags, smells, pest and hygiene problems can all be reduced with the use of a Maxmatic waste disposal unit.

Cooking and home improvement in theĀ UK have become an important part of our lives and waste disposal units or garbage disposers are seen as important as the kitchen sink in good domestic kitchen design and an essential piece of commercial kitchen equipment.

Waste management is an important environmental issue. With the reduction in UK landfill and the risk of transmitting disease by returning food waste to the food chain, we all have to take a more responsible attitude when disposing of food waste. Installation of Maxmatic waste disposal units can be arranged through our network of approved engineers or undertaken by the average DIY enthusiast.

If you are replacing an existing machine or wish to upgrade, use our recommended replacement guide – in the “More Information” section – comparing waste disposal units and garbage disposers from In Sink Erator – ISE, Tweeny and Wastemaid.